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Hi all, another solo i`m doing for series, used High Lifesteal, and tanking companion,also sigil of devoted instead of wheels just incase, restoring strike for extra health and that`s about it. Ty all that helped me que for it and gr33tz to THC!



Speed run with random people, enjoy!



Hi all, decided to solo elol to put some challenge in game since non is left atm, went fine, 25 min, no scrolls no stones of health.I was using defender companion with all 3 r12 bondings and extra high lifesteal so my damage was lower but as u can see with good tactic and playstyle it can be done without wiping and in fair short amount of time.
Enjoy the video and thank you for watching!

Hi guys and girls, this is just a quick update since i made changes to my companion gear, when you watch the video you will get the picture what i changed and how much it affected my overall power, note that i mentioned Lia`s guide for rotations and some detailed stuff about rotations itself aldough i did mentioned it in my previous video.
Gr33tz to all my Holy Crusaders and my friends ingame, ty for watching and sub for more updates as more new changes content wise is comming! Unforgiven

Here is a link to Lia`s guide and build where u can see rotation more explained kudos to my friend :* :