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PIcked up from Alliance channel, recorded it, enjoy and sub if you like! Thank you for watching!


My best buddy from NW Lilith and me having some fun, not that is alot of it left ingame, but hanging out always work out 🙂 gr33tz to THC and to my other friends and guildies, enjoy and ty for watching.


My friend Natsu and a beast of a Warlock invited me for a semi quick run of “hardest” dungeon in game at the moment so i decided to record the run and it went very well, no wiping and smooth, greetings goes to Gonzaid, Draco and Carsten, excelent job and fun run!

Guild website :

Recruitment :


Me and my friend LILITH from THC was bored and went on a 2 man dungeon run, fun as always ^^


Here we have a run with my good friends from guild, very quick and more for fun then anything 🙂