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Dj Blu3army was born in Novi Sad in 1980. Hi started to listen electronic music in the age of 16, and he became involved in trance when he was 18.
He began djing out of fun with a group of people during 2004/05 under the name of “PsySerbia” and with them he organised their first party on “Novosadski brod” as well as few other parties (Debeljacha lakes no. 1 ’04, Alien Project @ SKC ’06, , Goasia live + Atma live ’07. etc.)
He had the pleasure to play music on Novi Sad Radio As Show “D-Trance” as a guest at Davor’s (dj Psychomental) and Denny in 2007/08,and in 2008 he became member of the same show.
Music which he plays today he characterises as good and emotonal music with quality production, from older tracks from previous years as well as newer releases. He is not bounded to one style so in his set you can here everything from uplifting trance to progressive and psy trance.
His favorite projects and names are Tristan, Headroom, Commercial Hippies, Earthling, Burn in Noise, Man Machine, Fearsome Engine, Pogo, Dickster, Aphid Moon, Man With No Name, Andromeda, Ace Ventura, Aerospace, Silicon Sound, Jaia, Liquid Soul, Sun Control Species, Vibrasphere, Cosma, Tristan, Prosper, XI, Human Blue, Wizzy Noise, Chakra, KoxBox, Zen Mechanics,Allaby, Elec3, and his role models are John 00 Fleeming and Nate Raubenheimer (Protoculture).
Since 2006. he becomes an ovner od PsySerbia’s website with help of friends who remained with him ,In the year of 2008. he continues the story solo and proudly becomes a member of “Wicked Forest” and STS Music organization and he had a pleasure to play for them on xperiment org,Chaotic Beats and other open air and closed events.

* “Without music, life would be a nonsence”

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    e blu3 vracaj se na ogame spojile se unije !!

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