Neverwinter Mod 10 – Unforgiven GWF build commentary – PC

As requested i did a video of my current build that is working extremly well for ME, i usually refuse to do this kinds of videos but some of my friends asked me to do it so here it is.
As explained, or tried to explain, sorry about caughing so much and being all fuzzy but i did got sick last night, my build regarding enchants varies from usuall gwf copy builds i like to have my own and since i`m a beta player i was doing alot of experimenting and i still do, and if it works, dont fix it.
One more note, i did not showed my rotation`s aldough i did put few advices there, and again i urge you to properly buff yoursellf, then and only then you will maximize your dps output and be effective, ofcourse i`m not talking about racers here or paingiver w****s, play for yourself and improve yourself.
If you want to see my damage and performance check out my other videos and judge for yourself. I want to thank you all for watching, and to big shout to my THC friends and guildes, if you have any questions leave a comment bellow and i will answer gladly, or contact me ingame @blu3army.

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