DJ Blu3army (Wicked Forest) – Retrospective Set 2011

Posted: November 21, 2011 in Dj sets download
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1.Allaby – Rainmaker 
2.Sonic Species – Drums at Dawn (Zen Mechanics remix) 
3.The First Stone – Sueca 
4.Altruism – Beyond Illusion 
5.Touch Tone vs Hopi – Corrupted Groove 
6.Sonic Species – Zero 
7.Ital – Conimi 
8.Burn in Noise – VuuV Festival Celebration 
9.Mental Broadcast & Sonic Species – Receiver 
10.Logica vs Avalon – Outer Limits 
11.Loud – All rights reversed (Avalon remix) 
12.Tristan – Mind Jacker 
13.Sonic Entity – Alien Disclosure 
14.Paul Taylor vs PTX – Sumo (Chameleon remix) 
15.Fearsome Engine – Order Out Of Chaos 
16.Mental Broadcast – Flux Capacitor 
17.Brainiac – The Greatest Story ever told 
18.Sinerider – Timewarp 
19.Aphid Moon vs Chameleon – Synthetic Life 
20.Dickster – Glader


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