Lucas – Lucas Presents Tales Of Heads / Tip Records 2010

Posted: October 4, 2010 in Releases
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Lucas really hits form on this album and has become the sound of now!  With a direct link to the original Tip Records vibe, Lucas has worked with a Who´s Who of the best in the UK´s Deep, Full On, Psy Tech Trance scene.  As one of the best DJ´s on the circuit, he has carved  out a very good niche and has become an important dynamic of Tip Records.  As Raja Ram´s right hand man and resident Tip DJ he has been gigging all over the world on numerous tours with a fanbase  growing by the week.

On this, his second album, he follows up the successful God Save the Machine perfectly.  Hiiglights are hard as all tracks have something to say.  Here at Tip HQ our personal favourites are the ones he wrote with Prometheus and Eat Static perhaps.  But the solo effort, or ones made with Raja Ram, Tristan, Laughing Buddha or Aphid Moon  could all vie for your favourite. Then there are the Avalon and Dickster collaborations which are both outstanding.

What more to say ….  “the message is in the music!”  Check it out!


1.Eat Static & Lucas – Troglodyte

2.Dickster & Lucas – Dirty Tackle

3.Laughing Buddha & Lucas – Mind Cockpit

4.Avalon & Lucas – Stinkin’ Warehouse

5.Tristan & Lucas – Magic Umbra

6.Lucas – Hooked On Machines

7.Aphid Moon & Lucas – Hat Trick

8.Raja Ram & Lucas – All In The Mind

9.Prometheus & Lucas – Far From Home

Released: t.b.a.

  1. michel says:

    WOW! cant wait!
    nice blog btw…being kind of rare to see ppl talking about good psychedelic trance these days
    cheers from brazil

  2. blu3army says:

    Cheers michael greets from Serbia

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