Laughing Buddha – Sacred Technology Nano Records 2010

Posted: September 15, 2010 in Releases
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Jez, as we like to call him, is quite simply the Laughing Buddha! One of the original members in Cosmosis, he went solo and has steadily been building the Laughing Buddha name ever since. Possibly the friendliest face in trance today with a penchant for making some of most killa tracks we can find, we just had to have him for NANO. His sound sits perfectly with what we like to hear, top quality, deep, atmospheric and rolling psy trance that doesn’t let you go for one nano-second.

Release date: Sep 15, 2010

1.Laughing Buddha – Sacred Technology
2.Laughing Buddha – The Acid Test
3.Laughing Buddha – Tube o Tron
4.Laughing Buddha – Freaking Out
5.Laughing Buddha – Audio Rodeo
6.Laughing Buddha – We Are Not Alone
7.Laughing Buddha – Smoking The Reefer Part 2
8.Laughing Buddha – The Pill
9.Laughing Buddha – Space Race

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