Chaotic Beats Org.

Posted: March 1, 2010 in Organisations in Serbia
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“Chaotic Beats” is organization founded in September of 2007, consisted of Milos Glogovac (DJ Milos), Momir Pandurov (DJ Mozza) and Damir Scasni (DJ DaPEACE). The foundations of this organization was made at the beginning of 2007. when Milos and Momir organised a few parties at Pancevo and other places nearby. After their first open air party (held at Deliblato castle) they decided to form “Chaotic Beats” and soon Damir joined them. In the previous period Milos, Mozza and DaPEACE have managed to accomplish a successful cooperation with most of domestic organizations and played with some of the leading foreign and domestic artists (Allaby, Human Blue, Tegma, N.A.S.A, Andromeda, Chromosome, Dj Slater, Polaris, Feuerhake, Man Machine, Ectima, Float, Beyondecliptica, Flegma, Nerso, Hardy.Veles, Pion, Zyce, Psychomental, Duca, John Deere, Soundformer etc) They also had distinguishable performances at festivals such as: Wicked Forest (Jabuka, Serbia), Life Celebration (Pula, Croatia) and EXIT (Novi Sad, Serbia). Their music style is characteristic, its based on psychedelic sound and high-quality production without any boundaries.


“Magic happened in 2001. on the party where I heard psychedelic trance music for the first time. Miranda for the beginning of my trance career, that is something to remember. After 2 years I begin to have some interests in becoming a DJ. But in such small city like Herceg Novi/Montenegro I could not have opportunity to do what I like. There was only couple of people who had interests similar like mine. In 2005. I opened “DJ Caffe” with one of my friend, place on a sand beach where we wanted to make something new. We had every day different type of electronic music, and some parties at night. But that did not go well, people in Montenegro did not have interests in that. After that I moved to Belgrade/Serbia, where I started to study Audio & Video Technology. There I met DJ Pura (ex Monolit, Save The Rave), who learned me some basic skills of mixing. Later on I joined to the organization Monolit, and I was member for one year, when I left it, I joined to Chaotic Beats org. with DJ Mozza (Momir Pandurov) and DJ Milos (Milos Glogovac). As I changed organization I also changed music styles that I played. First I played morning tunes, and after that I started to play tunes from records labels like: Nano Records, Alchemy Records, Twisted Records, Neurobiotic Records, Ultra Groove Records, Vagalume Records…Also I started to have some interests in progressive tunes, so I started to burn some proggy stuff and play that as well. Record Labels which I prefer in progressive world are: Iboga Records, Iono Music, Tribal Vision Records, Blue Tunes Recordings, Digital Structures, Spiral Trax, Spin Twist Records…I had opportunity to play along side with many names of our trance scene, and also was support for the names such as: Tegma, Slater, Duca, N.A.S.A. , Beyodnecliptica, Human Blue, Andromeda, Chromosome, Feurhake, Man Machine, Float… There is something about that, when you can play music for lots of people and share with them that positive energy and outstanding feeling. But there is no difference between on the stage and on the dance floor, it’s the same, and I enjoy it both!”


Prvi put se susreo sa elektronskom muzikom poslednjh godina prošlog veka. Iako je u početku više bio okrenut Techno i House muzici, od 2002 i gostovanja Infected Mushrooma u Barutani raste njegovo interesovanje za Psy Trance. Krajem 2003. zajedno sa dj Kićom i dj Wormom a kasnije i dj Mozzom osniva “Medicament” organizaciju i zajedno rade na nekoliko Trance događaja u Pančevu. U to vreme u njegovim setovima najzastupljeniji je bio Full On Trance a vremenom se sve više okreće drugim trance pravcima kao što su Progressive, Tech i Goa Trance. Ubrzo napušta “Medicament” i posvećuje se produkciji. Početkom 2007.godine organizuje nekoliko žurki zajedno sa dj Mozzom, sa kojim osniva organizaciju “Chaotic Beats” a ubrzo im se priključuje i Damir a.k.a. Dj DaPEACE. Najveći uticaj na njegov muzički ukus su ostavila imena kao što su: Son Kite, Ticon, Aerospace, Andromeda, Behind Blue Eyes, Freq, Liquid Soul, Sun Control Species, 3 Point Turn, PPS Project, Triac, Midi Milz, Wizzy Noise, Cosma, Joti, Xerox and Illumination, Twisted System, Shift, Rinkadink…

Momir Pandurov aka Mozza was born in Pancevo (Serbia) in 1984. His first contact with electronic music was in late 90s when his attention was drawn by band such as: The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Underworld, Fatboy Slim and others. After exploring many genres of electronic music he discovered psychedelic trance and became “infected” with that sound. He started DJing in 2004. as a part of “Medicament” organisation in which he stayed until 2006. In september 2007. together with his friend DJ Milos (Milos Glogovac) he founded “Chaotic Beats” organisation and soon DJ DaPEACE (Damir Scasni) joined them. Same year, after the end of 4 days underground festival held at Jabuka (near Pancevo) Mozza became member of “Wicked Forest” organisation. His DJ sets can be described as a mixture of old and new sound, mostly including releases from Nano Records, Twisted Records, Neurobiotic Records, Alchemy Records, Vagalume Records, Kundalini Records, Aphid Records, Antu Records, TesseracTstudio, Iono Music, Iboga Records, Spin Twist Records etc. Beside performances all over the country he played at festivals such as Wicked Forest ’07-’09 (Jabuka, Serbia), EXIT ’09 (Novi Sad, Serbia) and Life Celebration ’09 (Pula, Croatia) side by side with many foreign and domestic artists: Human Blue, Tegma, Andromeda, Chromosome, N.A.S.A, Dj Slater, Polaris, Feuerhake, Ibojima, Man Machine, Ectima, Beyondecliptica, Flegma, Nerso, Hardy.Veles, Pion, Zyce, Float, Psychomental, Duca, Silver Sun, Soundformer and many more.

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