I want to welcome you all to my old/new site, here i will be posting guides for Neverwinter Onlne PC, runs, dungeons, and everything related to the game itself. Currently i am a member of The Holy Crusaders Guild here is the site if you are more interested for applying or geting more info : and also application link :


That being said i will not only update the site with information about the game itself, but also i will be doing walktrough`s and youtube videos regarding both Neverwinter Online for PC, but also other games that i like and would like to share with everybody.


Here is my Youtube channel :


I hope i will see you all soon and if you have any questions feel free to ask me here, or via email :



Speed run with random people, enjoy!



Hi all, decided to solo elol to put some challenge in game since non is left atm, went fine, 25 min, no scrolls no stones of health.I was using defender companion with all 3 r12 bondings and extra high lifesteal so my damage was lower but as u can see with good tactic and playstyle it can be done without wiping and in fair short amount of time.
Enjoy the video and thank you for watching!

Hi guys and girls, this is just a quick update since i made changes to my companion gear, when you watch the video you will get the picture what i changed and how much it affected my overall power, note that i mentioned Lia`s guide for rotations and some detailed stuff about rotations itself aldough i did mentioned it in my previous video.
Gr33tz to all my Holy Crusaders and my friends ingame, ty for watching and sub for more updates as more new changes content wise is comming! Unforgiven

Here is a link to Lia`s guide and build where u can see rotation more explained kudos to my friend :* :


In 1960, at the start of the game, player character Jack is a passenger on a plane that goes down in the Atlantic Ocean. As the only survivor, Jack makes his way to a nearby lighthouse that houses a bathysphere terminal that takes him to Rapture.Rapture was planned and constructed in the 1940s by Andrew Ryan who wanted to create a utopia for society’s elite to flourish outside of government control. Scientific progress greatly expanded, including the discovery of the genetic material “ADAM” created by sea slugs on the ocean floor. ADAM allows its users to alter their DNA to grant them super-human powers like telekinesis and pyrokinesis.

Despite the apparent utopia, class distinctions grew, and former gangster and businessman Frank Fontaine used his influence of the lower class to plan a coup of Rapture. Fontaine created black market routes with the surface world, and together with Dr. Brigid Tenenbaum, created a cheap plasmid industry by mass-producing ADAM through the implanting of the slugs in the stomachs of orphaned girls, nicknamed “Little Sisters”. Fontaine used his plasmid-enhanced army to attack Ryan, but reportedly was killed in the battle. Ryan took the opportunity to seize his assets including the plasmid factories. In the months that followed, a second figure named Atlas rose to speak for the lower class, creating further strife. Atlas led attacks on the factories housing the Little Sisters, and Ryan countered by creating “Big Daddies”, plasmid-enhanced humans surgically grafted into giant lumbering diving suits who were psychologically compelled to protect the Little Sisters at all costs. Ryan also created his own army of plasmid-enhanced soldiers, named “Splicers”, which he controlled using pheromones distributed through Rapture’s air system.

Tension came to a head on New Year’s Eve of 1958, when Atlas ordered an all-out attack on Ryan. The battle left many dead, and the few sane survivors barricaded themselves away. What once was a beautiful utopia had fallen into a crumbling dystopia.

BioShock: The Collection is a remastered collection of the BioShock video game series: BioShock, BioShock 2, and BioShock Infinite published by 2K Games.